CA – January 2020 Jaunts . . . starring Shasta, Siskiyou and Tehama Counties

The past two years I spent New Years Eve in the wilds, after backpacking to some cool view locations. Many recent years were spent snowshoeing at Lassen Volcanic National Park with meetup groups. This year I joined the Native Plant Society on a local hike on Redding’s Westside Trails to plant oak acorns in hopes of restoring areas devastated by the Carr Fire.

The next week I returned to help water our plantings and got tangled in the web of burned brush. That was fun! Thankfully no injuries, just a little blood and mud.

While we had plenty of rain and snow during the month, there were also a fair number of good days like this one where a friend and I hiked in the Sacramento Bend Recreation Area. That’s Mt Lassen in the background and the Sacramento River in the foreground.

Most of my local trails have been burned making them less than pleasurable. I joined some friends to walk paved Sacramento River Rail Trail where not only did we find a burn-free zone but also discovered this waterfall, thanks to all the recent rain.

After a fall and broken hip, my mom landed in a rehab facility near Mt Shasta so I combined jaunts with visits. One place that had been on my never-visited list was Faery Falls.

Nearby is Ney Springs which I also visited on this snowshoe excursion.

The Lake Siskiyou Trail is a local treasure. With low elevation snow fall I enjoyed a snowshoe around a portion of the lake including Wagon Creek bridge and multiple views of Mt Shasta.

I ended the month with this much needed bluebird day snowshoeing at Bunny Flat on Mt Shasta.

What would winter be without prepping for my next travel jaunt? Yep, I’ve been busy restocking my supplies, organizing, sewing, and dehydrating.

Meanwhile with the photo links still broken on most of my blog posts, and no easy fix on the horizon, I’m trying to move on by enjoying sunrises like this (although I’m still mourning the loss).

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Broken Links? I'd love to hear from you!

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