2020 – I Just Want to Live Before I Die #pandemic #covid19

This pandemic has made many face the possibility of death. It’s unsettling watching the count grow, hearing the stories of bodies piling up, and thinking who’s next. Will it be me? someone I know?  A couple of friends posted on facebook about their preparations. It brings reality to the forefront.Having had a wake-up call of my own about 15 years ago, I remember processing the incident. My first thoughts were about regrets and second were about preparations. It was the trigger that forced action.

Time is a limited and precious commodity. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I recently listened to an interview by Mike Posner on Wild Ideas Worth Living. His words about living life without regrets prompted this post, including the title which is from one of his songs.

  • Do it now.
  • Death is inevitable.
  • Whatever reason you have for not doing it is probably an excuse. I want to do this but  . . .
  • Now is the time.

Is COVID-19 your wake-up call?

Will you live before you die?

Podcast Link:

Mike Posner: Becoming Someone You’re Proud Of

3 thoughts on “2020 – I Just Want to Live Before I Die #pandemic #covid19

  1. Good morning Jan.
    This does makes us reflect on our lives. I heard a great sermon from a church my wife and I attend in Wenatchee Washington when we are there. It was given by Pastor Josh on Easter Sunday on a hill overlooking Wenatchee. It’s very beautiful. I’d like to send you the link to his sermon as another perspective on the fears you mentioned. It should give some comfort and hope to those things we all must be thinking about. Let me know and I would love to share this message of hope.

  2. Happy Tuesday!
    I am so happy to share this with you. It answers many questions, not only during this crisis but what we all have to go through. It gives us hope as long as we have faith and as long as we believe. There are other messages that inspire, comfort, and give me confidence that it really will be OK. Let me know what you think or if you have questions. My hope is it may change your life.

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