CA – April 2021, Wildflowers of Shasta County (Part 1)

I was on a walking/hiking timeout after pushing my knee rehab boundaries so when I was told about these fields of Tidy Tips (aka Tidytips) and California Goldfields, I just had to see for myself. I found fields along Millville Plains and Manton Roads.

Little did I know I’d also find among those tightly packed blooms, this mystery plant I later learned was Woolly meadowfoam Limnanthes floccosa, California Rare Plant Rank: 4.2 (limited distribution). Source: Calflora

I didn’t know if these had bloomed yet but according to a local botanist they hadn’t and he gave me the location of where he found some blooming. In a ditch! Yes these plants like water and are often found near vernal pools. They are tiny. The pods are only about 1/2″ in diameter. So after wandering around for about an hour I found success!

I sent a friend out to see for herself and even though I said 1/2″ pods and 4-6″ plants she was expecting something much different. This provides better size perspective.

The fringe pod displays were enticing as well.

The Dwarf Brodiaea were just starting to bloom.

White Brodiaea

The Blue Dips/Dicks shared center stage with the Tidy Tips.

Even the bees thought this was a marvelous treat.

They may be my new happy flower.

I was especially grateful I could access these beauties with very little effort. They truly are roadside flowers.

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