CA – The Eddys, Parks Creek Trailhead – Let’s Go Hiking! (May 2021)

It’s time for another chapter. Graduation doesn’t mean I’m ready for epic adventures but with increasing feelings of normalcy it’s time to HIKE! The challenge is finding easy trail and this is where time spent on the PCT comes in handy. I knew this stretch would be a perfect test. While most head south to the Deadfall Lakes or Mt Eddy summit, I hiked north toward Cement Bluff and Bull Lake.

Early spring blooms gave me reason to take it slow. Recently I watched a video about botany in the area (Serpentine Botanical Wonders) which taught me I’d been erroneously been calling these Pasqueflowers when instead they are Anemone drummondii.

With their very distinctive leaf shape, I learned these are Viola lobata.

These are very tiny lupine, most likely Lupinus lepidus var. sellulus.

I thought this might be a rare Mt Eddy Lupine, but my botany friends burst my bubble by indicating it is Astragalus whitneyi var. siskiyouensis.

Blue Flax

Hydrophyllum occidentale.

The paintbrush and phlox were the most common blooms.

Lewisia nevadensis.

Claytonia obovata, Spring Beauty.

As I walked toward Mt Eddy I couldn’t help but remember the day nearly 9 months ago when my knee said POP (link). I’ll be back, I have no doubt especially after this hike. I felt strong and ready to start rebuilding my strength and endurance.

My journal post, “I took my knee for a walk and what did I find? Yes miles of smiles! I’m learning to accept #WhatICanDo and making each of those moments meaningful. I hiked 5 miles! YES 5 miles without any complaints or setbacks.”

Previous jaunts in this area:

9 thoughts on “CA – The Eddys, Parks Creek Trailhead – Let’s Go Hiking! (May 2021)

  1. Yay, another milestone! As always, I love your beautiful photos of the flora and the scientific names. You are becoming quite the botanist.

  2. Jan, I just saw you on a Wonder Women video! 😎 They are amazing!!! Great you were able to meet up with them and help them out. 😊👍

    • I’m so glad you are following their adventure. I was introduced to them via some friends who were hiking the CDT last summer. Their videos were great rehab entertainment. When I heard they’d be on the PCT and starting in my backyard I couldn’t help but do a meet and greet.

      • That’s wonderful you were able to meet up with them. My daughter follows them too and she texted me the day the video came out with you in it and she said, ‘Did you see Jan?!!’😍

  3. Congratulations on handling the high elevations of the Trinity Divide for your PT graduation.
    The colorful flowers look amazing with low snow pack this season. The reddish gabbro rocks and even the trail beds also look so interesting in your photos.

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