WA – Mount Rainier National Park, Sunrise (Sourdough Ridge/Sunrise Rim Loop) (July 2021)

After the previous day’s hike (link) where we repeatedly said WOW WOW WOW, Joan and I couldn’t resist another day at Mt Rainier. With a newfound confidence after hiking a trail rated strenuous, I was happy to test another. This time we started from the Sunrise area. Once again we got an early start and were rewarded with front row parking. Our first objective was Frozen Lake along the Sourdough Ridge Trail.

The Sourdough Ridge trail toward Frozen Lake. My kind of WOW! Oh how I love above tree line traversing trails.

I was feeling a bit fatigued as this was my 6th day in a row to hike, so I sent Joan off to hike to the Mt Fremont lookout while I enjoyed lake views and watching people, marmots and mountain goats.

The white specks are a large herd of mountain goats and if you look close you’ll see lots of humans as well. Since I’ve seen plenty I stuck with the plan to rest while Joan was hiking up to the Mt. Fremont lookout.

Our next objective was Burroughs Mountain. I’m curious about the names, First Burroughs, Second and Third.

I hiked to First and sent Joan up Second. Of course I wanted to go but I also wanted plenty of recovery time to finish the hike, as well as hike again the next day.

From First Burrough I had a great view back at Mt Fremont Lookout where Joan hiked while I rested at Frozen Lake. Notice how the trail drops behind the ridge to continue onto the lookout, very deceptive from my limited view while waiting at the lake.

I never mind resting when I have views like these.

Looking back at First Burrough (the flattish ridge).

We completed our hike by making a loop with views of Emmons Glacier, which has the largest surface area of any glacier in the contiguous United States.

Shadow Lake

Yep bears sh** in the woods!

The downhill was tough. My hips and quads were getting quite the workout controlling my descents. But thankfully the knee was performing admirably.

It was another WOW day! The Sunrise area is drier than Paradise leading to fewer wildflowers and a lot more dust, but those views just can’t be beat.

DATE(S) HIKED: July 26, 2021


Other Jaunts in Washington (link) including the Wonderland Trail (link)

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