2021 – Where Did Jan Jaunt?

I had major knee surgery in October of 2020 which resulted in a slow rehab of patience and persistence so my year looked much different than many. However, step by step I climbed my way back and according to Gaia I walked/hiked nearly 1,500 miles with over 100,000 feet ascended/descended during the year. I don’t track everything but it’s a good indicator of my activity.


This was a month where I came to appreciate ADA (American with Disabilities Act) trails, notably flat, smooth, and often paved. Being outside and finding local beauty kept me sane. 2021 – Winter Wisdom . . . Quantum Leaps and Silver Linings


It was early wildflower season and while still hiking and walking with one crutch I was able to spend more time on trails, including some easy dirt trails. It was fabulous to get off the pavement. CA – February 2021 Jaunts . . . starring Shasta and Tehama Counties


It was another month of working with physical therapy to rebuild hip strength and gait. Thankfully it was also early spring in far Northern California so I enjoyed green grasses and wildflowers. It was a fun game searching for flattish good terrain trails.


Some novice botanists befriended me and were happy to share adventures. My hiking was still somewhat limited but my knee rehab was going according to plan.


This was a month of progress, setbacks, and timeouts in my recovery. I graduated from physical therapy at the end of May and that was reason to celebrate! Oh and dare I mention another month of enjoying plentiful wildflowers, many new to me.


This was an exciting month as I pushed boundaries and set new milestone victories. My longest mileage was 7.5 miles, biggest elevation gain 1500′, and finally reached a 3 mph active pace on flattish pavement.


Be still my heart, it was time to travel once again. I was beyond excited to share time with my friend Joan while being back in adventure mode. I was still in knee and body rehab mode and continued achieving more victories with a 9 mile maximum, 2,000′ elevation gain and my first backpack trip.


This month marked my time to escape wildfire smoke. It was an opportunity to spend time in the Redwoods which provided plenty of gentle trails and fresh air.


I found myself celebrating autumn in Washington. What a wonderful treat to play among larch trees turning yellow and wander among the tapestry of color lining many trails. I also did my first solo backpack trip since my knee surgery and set a new milestone of 11.25 miles.


I turned south and celebrated autumn colors in Washington and Oregon before finishing my fall jaunt with snow in Crater Lake. It was a magical way to close out this year of rehab. By the time I returned home we received early season rain cleaning the air of residual wildfire smoke and extinguishing any remaining. I celebrated my knee surgery anniversary, set new rehab milestones including a 15-mile hike, another with 2,600 feet elevation gain/loss and my first snowshoe outing.

What will 2022 bring? More travel, more hiking, more backpacking, more adventures!

Travel Summaries:

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