2022 – Spring Jaunt . . . Delayed Departure

Since I started traveling in 2015, the end of February has my deadline to be on the road. Having this arbitrary drop dead date kept me focused on my “don’t want to do” list. But sometimes, I don’t get to call the shots. In 2021 I had skip my spring jaunt due to my knee rehab. This year stuff outside my control doesn’t care about my calendar. Hopefully I’ll just be a few weeks behind schedule. Here’s a fun recap of first day jaunts.

March 1, 2016 Grand Canyon National Park Arizona


With an early January date in Moab, this was my earliest departure.


I left “home” on February 20th and found myself on a 3-month jaunt which included experiencing a superbloom in Death Valley.


February 27th marked my departure date. It was a year to learn that spring in Northern California is not the same in the mountain states, but I quickly adapted and found joy and beauty along with flexible options.


Typically my spring jaunt begins with a visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park and on down Highway 395 as I head toward early spring locations. In 2018 I mixed things up by beginning on the west side of the Sierra.


This was my first year I didn’t leave until March, even if it was the first. It was my first spring to spend in the deserts of Southern California.


It’s hard to forget the innocence of this first of the season jaunt in Death Valley. This was the shortest spring jaunt in my history due to COVID sending me home within a few weeks of my departure.


While my knee rehab kept me home, I refound the beauty of what I call green spring right here in my backyard.


Although I’m off to a late start I’m confident my year will exceed expectations. Why? because I’ve learned not to have expectations. I try not to make plans although I might have a loose itinerary. This spring I’ve already experienced “green spring” so I have less drive to chase blooms. Maybe since I was cheated out of winter I’ll find myself chasing snow but more likely I’ll be in search of places where I can enjoy early season backpacking.

March 1, 2017 Great Basin National Park Nevada

3 thoughts on “2022 – Spring Jaunt . . . Delayed Departure

  1. Good to see you out and about Jan. The best thing about ‘letting it happen’ is how much is around you and the surprises to be found. Are you still traveling in the Honda and any new gear you’re excited to try out?

    • Good morning John,

      Happy to report my Honda and I are still traveling together and are anxious to get back on the road. These gas prices may help dictate our path of travel. California is one of the higher priced locations, so escaping from here will be a no brainer.

      I’m most excited to test the new pack I made. I also replaced my quilt this year so am looking forward to seeing how it performs in comparison to my older version. Mostly I’ll be testing my body as I get ready to tackle some big backpacking goals this summer.

      Thanks for checking in. Hope all is well with you!

  2. I love how you have a generalized “schedule”, it keeps the wheels turning. Hopefully we can join you somewhere this summer. We have staved off our AT plans till next year. Too many knifes in the air…at the moment.

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