CO – Colorado National Monument, Wildflower Extravaganza (05/22)

Traveling east from Price Utah had me watching the temperatures rise to 90+ degrees. I plotted a way to higher elevation (cooler temperatures) by taking this detour.

As I began driving up I couldn’t help but notice the colorful blooms lining the road.

Instead of focusing on the rock formations, which I’d done on a previous trip when I backpacked into the canyon (blog link), I spent a morning roadside botanizing.

Scarlet Gilia
Broadleaf or Pallid Milkweed
Yellow-Eye Cryptanth
Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose
Lambert’s Locoweed
Hopi Blanketflower
Prince’s Plume
Sego Lily
Sego Lily
Claret Cup
Cushion Buckwheat

I went to the Visitor’s Center specifically to identify this plant but they weren’t able to help.


  • You can find dispersed camping on Black Ridge Road.
  • Showers and laundray are available in Fruita and Grand Junction at Truck Stop Travel Centers.


5 thoughts on “CO – Colorado National Monument, Wildflower Extravaganza (05/22)

  1. It’s amazing the number of different flowers you come across. I love the common names which are so much more fun than the scientific names.

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