2022 – Colorado, Three Seasons of Joy and so much MORE!

From May to October,
three seasons of color delighted my eyes.
I said hello to the earliest spring blooms
while snow lay upon the ground.
I said goodbye to your fall foliage kaleidoscope
after the first snows arrived.
My dreams became reality!

It was my first summer without heat, fires and smoke.
Your daily thunderstorms kept the air clean,
the grasses green and my breathing superb.

I was scared and stressed about lightning;
and indeed it tested my courage,
but I didn’t run . . . nor die.

Ridges, passes and peaks were my challenges.
The rewards were always worth the effort.
Those views will never be forgotten.

High altitude living suited me just fine.
Daily wearing of my down jacket was a novelty
and one I quite enjoyed.

Your moody skies dazzled me,
with shades of white, gray, pink, purple and black,
and cloud shapes good for my imagination.

So many trails explored,
along with the numerous forests and wilderness areas.
My time in your small towns was perfect.
They are etched in my memories.

Oh Colorado
You invigorated and challenged me.
I smiled, laughed and cried.
At times you punished more than pleased.
Your namesake rocks had me tiptoeing through your minefields.
You made me stronger, leaner and healthier.
I have no doubt I’ll be back to add another chapter
to my grand book called life.

6 thoughts on “2022 – Colorado, Three Seasons of Joy and so much MORE!

  1. SOME day I will get to Colorado more than just passing through! Happy Thanksgiving–what a terrific year you have had!

  2. Thank you for sharing your CO adventures Jan. (I’m a long-time reader/1st time commenter 🙂 I, (at 59 YO) did my first thru-hike in 2021, and it was the Colorado Trail. It truly broke and stole my heart!!! Thanks again for your excellent documentation—the joy comes through. ~angela

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