AZ – Arizona Trail Passage 4 SOBO, Casa Blanca Trailhead (03/23)

Destination Patagonia! I drove 1200 miles to find my tribe. These gals are my trail sisters.

But first I had to get there. I left Joshua Tree (link), said goodbye to California and hello to Arizona.

The Arizona Trail Association has been working hard to build single track to replace road walks. This is one of those new sections. In 2015 Joan and I hiked the southern 300 miles of the Arizona Trail and walked into Patagonia. Now hikers can stay on single track and hitch to town or use a trail that parallels the highway, or walk the previous route.

I loved being able to trail angel for my friends, Tour Guide, Wander Women and Mary Poppins.

After a fun reunion and town time, I said goodbye to the Wander Women and Mary Poppins as they were heading north. Tour Guide and I hiked out for an overnight 14-mile round trip 1,000′ elevation gain, starting at 4,300′.

When I hiked this trail in 2015 opening and closing rancher-style gates were a huge challenge. The Trail Association has been working to replace them with these much more user-friendly gates. They are a bit like bridges in my mind, making trail life so much nicer.

First cactus fruits of the season on a mighty big barrel cactus.

I love finding natural water sources in the desert.

It was still early season in this area with lots of dry grasses and little sign of spring.

This was the solo bloom I found.

With my lack of experience in desert environments, I was happy to have Tour Guide along to help with campsite selection.

I have to say I’m loving my new one-pound palace, the Durston X-Mid Pro 1.

I had a blast sharing a couple of days with my good friend Tour Guide!



2 thoughts on “AZ – Arizona Trail Passage 4 SOBO, Casa Blanca Trailhead (03/23)

  1. You had me there in your driving to Patagonia! Turned out it’s a place in Arizona. You find the most interesting places and people!

    • I love that we pulled this connection off. Talk about taking advantage of opportunities! They filled my heart.

      We had an odd experience in 2015 in Patagonia at that motel. I’m glad I have new memories to replace that sour experience.

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