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Welcome to my adventure blog!

My name is Jan aka BeeKeeper and I LOVE the wilderness! As a result of this love, I’ve become obsessed with gear, maps, trail guides and food, all things that help me enjoy my time in the wilderness.

I also enjoy sharing, whether that be knowledge, photos or stories, and since I find so many seeking the same information, I decided it was time for me to create a more efficient way of dispersing such. WELCOME, enjoy and I hope you find it useful.

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35 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jan, I too am a Trail Angel in northern California. Could I please have your e-mail address so I can talk to you about some things?

  2. Discovered your blog via carrot Quinn blog. Absolutely love your page! Such great info. It’s a dream of mine to get on the pct one day, even if just a bit of it. Greetings from Australia!

  3. Jan, I too followed your link from Carrot’s blog. We live in Cottonwood, I see that you have some awesome local ideas for us, I will be studying them. We have no overnight equipment so we only do day hiking with our dogs and unfortunately the dogs eliminate a lot of areas due to laws. Do you have any particular suggestions for dog friendly day hikes this time of year? Thanks!


  4. Love the blog and thank you for the shared recipes. I’ve printed several for this year’s Allagash Wilderness Waterway trip. Me and my family are from Dresden, Maine but I enjoy reading about ALL hiking adventures.

    • Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed preparing the dehydrated meals, in fact I’ve got some pasta sauce cooking in my crockpot as we speak. It’ll go into the dehydrator tonight in preparation for my weekend adventure. Realized as I packed for last weekend’s trip that I’d gotten down to only one remaining option in the freezer (my fiesta salad).

      I’ll be traveling next year and maybe I’ll get to meet you on one of my trips through Maine. Wouldn’t that be fun 🙂

  5. Yes! That would be awesome! Re pasta sauce, when I tried it it turned black. We were short on time so admit we didn’t actually taste it but is that normal? Darkish brown to black.

    • Mine is fairly dark, but I don’t know if I’d call it black, more like intense burgundy. My last batch is in my neighbor’s freezer. I’ll try to remember to photograph next time I retrieve some.

  6. Hi Jan, We are a small group of experienced backpackers in Southern Oregon and Northern California. The Trinities is my favorite place in this area. If you ever want to join us for a trip, feel free to check out our Facebook group Southern Oregon and Northern California backpackers. If you have an interest and want to join, feel free to ask for an invitation. Our most recent trip was a difficult three day jaunt to Smith and Morris Lakes via Alpine Lake. Now that we know how to find the traverse we plan to do this again net year in mid-to-late July. There area few photos posted on the group site. I really enjoy your sharing of the Trinity Alps trips. Take Care, Tim Thompson

  7. In Patagonia a couple of blocks off the trail, eat at Velvet Elvis Pizza. Variety of amazing food. Up to Tucson there are so many side trails/canyons fun things to distract a thru hiker. Its been raining and there should be more water than usual, Your timing is perfect.
    Thanks for the food tips.
    Bolo and Breeze in Tucson

  8. I like your blogs. Question! How far down from the roaring creek bridge I’d the lower falls. I ran in to private property. Also i have and awesome picture of the upper fall, if you’d like. Late winter is always the best time to Chase waterfalls.

    • Thank you! Glad you are enjoying my posts. I will see if I still have my GPS track for the roaring falls. I agree about your timing. I would have planned a return to the upper falls if I was around earlier this season.

  9. Just discovered your blog via the PCT newsletter posting your article on the ingenious DIY down apparel from a Costco comforter. I’ve been enjoying The Section Hiker newsletter and now happy to add your experiences in the great outdoors. Thanks!

  10. Thank you, Jan,
    I’m 61 and been backpacking for 40 years. I’ve only done a little of Russian Wilderness and didn’t have a great experience 20 years ago ( Waterdog lake,etc). Anyway, I’m interested in Eaton, Horseshoe and The Ducks after seeing your lovely photos. Im in excellent shape, but how difficult is it to get to Eaton? Also, did you go from Etna area. I have the back side of Marble map for Russians, but am not inclined to buy a book for Russian Wilderness. Thank you, Maria
    Thank you,

    • I’d say Eaton is a bit more challenging than Horseshoe or Duck Lakes. You should be able to get driving directions from one of the links I provided. Keep on hiking and backpacking. ENJOY!

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