2017 – Where Did Jan Jaunt?

Map Notes:

  • Links to blog posts can be found by clicking each pin. My summer/fall posts are current; sadly I haven’t completed most of my spring posts (with the exception of Idaho).
  • Use +/- buttons to zoom for more details, or click on bracket in top right corner to open in full screen mode. The window looking icon in top left corner shows the list of hikes.
  • Map Legend:
    • Orange is Winter/Spring 2017 trip (78 days)
    • Purple is Summer/Fall 2017 trip (93 days)
    • Blue is other 2017 wanderings
  • This is my first time to use the map format in my annual review post. Please let me know what you think!

2017 Factoids:

  • 173 days spent OUTSIDE hiking, walking, snowshoeing, etc.
  • 51 nights spent in my tent
  • 85 nights spent sleeping in my car
  • 15,000 miles driven
  • 1,500-2,000 miles hiked
  • 20,000 blog visitors (WOW!)

Travel Summaries:

Miscellaneous 2017 Posts:

Popular Posts:

2018 Goals:

  • More time in Colorado, including possibly hiking the Colorado Trail
  • Late winter/early spring trip to include Southern California, Southern Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and possibly Texas.
  • Time in Glacier National Park is still high on my list
  • More J&J adventures
  • More PCT and CDT adventures
  • Possibly fall in the Sierra; maybe early summer on the Tahoe Rim Trail if this continues as a low snow year.

Backpacking Gear Choices:

Clothing Choices:

Specialty Gear:

Car Camping/Travel Gear:

Disclosure: Some items include Amazon Affiliate links where I might get a small financial kickback if you buy through the link.


Summer/Fall Jaunting 2017

July couldn’t come soon enough. I was impatient but knew snow would be a problem in the areas I had on my agenda. Although I didn’t return home from my spring trip mid May, I wanted to explore the high elevation mountains bookmarked for summer travel. With my favorite local haunts inaccessible due to the 2016-17 snowpocalypse, all I could do was wait . . . patience is not my strong suit. But once I got the green light, off I went. This trip met and exceeded most expectations. What a wonderful way to spend a summer and fall. Staying fairly current with my blog made it even more pleasurable.

Length of Trip:  93 days (July 16 – October 18)

States Visited: 4 (Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming)

Miles Driven: 6,412 (averaged 69 miles per day, 25.9 miles per gallon, cost was around $700 at $2.50-$3.00 per gallon)

Activity Days: 52 (averaged 4 days per week)

Night Spots:

Slept in Car (42 nights, with only 2 in campgrounds)

Tent (37 nights, all while backpacking)

Friends/family (7 nights, special thanks to all who hosted me)

Paid Lodging (9 nights)


Wind River Mountains

Grand Teton National Park


Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Colorado National Monument

Colorado Trail

Lizard Head Wilderness

San Juan National Forest

UTAH Jaunts:

Bears Ears National Monument

La Sal Mountains

NEVADA Jaunts:

Great Basin National Park

This smiles says it all. Making lots of deposits into my books of memories. Living life and loving it!

Chasing Spring 2017

You may recall my February post, “HELP Readers, I’m in search of early Spring.” I received many great ideas and spent time marking maps with possible destinations. However, it became quickly apparent that my wishes were unrealistic. I was not going to find my idea of spring in March this year and I was much too impatient to wait until April to begin my spring jaunt.

Detailed posts will be forthcoming, but until then, here’s a summary of my spring jaunt.

Length of Trip:  78 days (February 27 to May 16)

States Visited: 8 (California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming)

National Parks, Monuments, Recreation Areas Visited: 10 (yes, I’ve been making good use of my annual pass)

Lassen Volcanic, California

Great Basin, Nevada

Arches, Utah

Canyonlands, Utah

Natural Bridges, Utah

Capitol Reef, Utah

Chimney Rock, Colorado

Rocky Mountain, Colorado

Fossil Butte, Wyoming

Hells Canyon, Idaho

Miles Driven: 6,851 (averaged 87 miles per day, 25.2 miles per gallon, cost was around $700 at $2.15-$2.50 per gallon)

Activity Days: 49 (averaged 4.5 days per week)

Night Spots:

Slept in Car (39 nights, with only 5 in campgrounds)

Friends/family (22 nights, special thanks to all who hosted me)

Tent (9 nights while backpacking – not nearly enough)

Cabin (4 nights on a backcountry ski adventure)

Motel (4 nights, two nights shared)

Photos Taken: 36 gigs (I’d call that a successful trip)

With summer just a few days away, I think it’s high time to share some of those photos and stories.

Where’s Jan?

I’m happy to report my lack of posts is not due to lack of adventure, instead it’s just the opposite. I’ve just returned from a 3-month adventure where I jaunted plenty and will eventually have lots of photos and stories to share.

Until then, I’ll give you a preview.

I drove nearly 9,000 miles through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Oregon.

I visited many national parks, recreation areas and monuments including

  • Lassen Volcanic
  • Mono Lake
  • Death Valley
  • Grand Canyon
  • El Morro
  • El Malpais
  • Petrified Forest
  • Glen Canyon
  • Escalante Grand Staircase
  • Capitol Reef
  • Flaming Gorge
  • Teton
  • Yellowstone
  • Glacier
  • North Cascade
  • Olympic

I hiked a bit on some of the long-distance trails including the

  • Arizona Trail
  • Continental Divide Trail
  • Pacific Northwest Trail
  • Pacific Crest Trail

I lived out of my SUV primarily (oh the stories I have to tell).

It was truly a memory-making trip, and I can’t wait to relive it as I review photos and create blog posts.