WA – Mount Rainier National Park, Sunrise (Sourdough Ridge/Dege Peak) (July 2021)

Joan and I were giddy with joy from our last two days spent in Rainier alpine zone and couldn’t resist pushing our luck. As we joked, this will be another rest day for Jan. It was my 7th day in a row of hiking and I sure didn’t want to risk a setback, but . . . it’s impossible to say no to such opportunities. We were in the right place at the right time! So back to Sunrise we went. This time we took the Sourdough Ridge Trail to the east, rather than west as previous day (link).

Early morning light on the Sourdough Trail. The mound in the background is First Burrough we’d hiked the previous day.

This meadow kept us smiling. This is probably the largest display of Dr. Seuss mop heads I’ve ever seen (pasqueflowers).

Even the birds found these plumes worthy of a stop over. A birder informed me this is a Pine Siskin.

The asters brightened the meadows. Sunrise lodge is in the valley. This photo was taken at 7:30am. Within an hour the parking lot and road will be packed.

My view from Dege Peak.

This was my turnaround spot while Joan continued on to eventually drop 1,000 feet to the Lakes Trail which included Sunrise and Palisades Lakes. We couldn’t decide if the haze was smoke or clouds, but it burned off later in the day so clouds seemed to win.

The view into the lakes basin from Dege Peak.

These yellow blooms seemed to fit the Dr. Seuss theme.

I finally found a butterfly willing to sit for a portrait.

I couldn’t help but wonder if we were in for a weather change.

I love how the Sourdough Ridge trail showcases varied geology as well as provides amazing views of the mountain.

The marmots loved the lupine. This guy was taking large bites. YUM!

I found more Sky Pilots (Jacob’s Ladder).

When I was done lollygagging on Sourdough Ridge and the Nature Trail high route, I visited the Emmons Glacier vista to learn more about this largest-in-the-nation glacier.

Yes indeed it was another zero. Ha another non-rest rest day. Ok friends might consider it a zero or nero but it was plenty of work for me.

I added a solar shower to my car camping kit. We’d fill it in the morning and let it heat on my dashboard and then shower in camp. This was the only time we had neighbors and had to erect a bit of a privacy curtain, otherwise we found sheltered areas near our campsite. We survived 11 days without a real shower! Being able to rinse off the sweat and dust before bed made sleeping much better, although this night I had a pesky mouse in my house who just didn’t want to leave or die.

DATE(S) HIKED: July 27, 2021


Other Jaunts in Washington (link) including the Wonderland Trail (link)

CA – Wildflowers of Trinity County, May 2021

What if you get invited to join some botany friends on a roadside fieldtrip to see some rare blooms? You say YES of course. I may not be able to hike but I can photograph. So YES, I’m happy to be invited and even happier to get to see some gems I’ve had on my list. In this case three rare Lady’s Slipper orchids and the Klamath Mountain Catchfly, plus a few bonuses.

Mountain Lady’s Slipper Orchid, Cypripedium montanum. California Rare Plant Rank 4.2.

California Lady’s Slipper, Cypripedium californicum. California Rare Plant Rank: 4.2

Clustered Lady’s Slipper, Cypripedium fasciculatum. California Rare Plant Rank: 4.2

Stream orchid aka Chatterbox, Epipactis gigantea (not rare)

Klamath Mountain Catchfly, Silene salmonacea. California Rare Plant Rank 1B.2

Shasta Lily aka Leopard Lily. Lilium pardalinum ssp. shastense

YES I felt like I won the lottery. What a wonderful botany fieldtrip. It was exciting to find more blooms on my bucket list. Thanks friends!

Photo Problems, ARGH!

It appears Google made some changes to their URL’s. Thus the reason you might not be seeing photos in my posts.

If this photo is visible, it’s because I used a workaround posting option. Not one I can do regularly. I’m out chasing fall colors and will work on this problem when I return home. At that time I’ll update recent posts and reissue. Thanks for your patience.


HELP Readers, I’m in search of early Spring

After spending the early season in the desert the past couple of years, I’m craving my version of spring complete with green grasses, wildflowers, waterfalls, and butterflies. 

Where o’ where shall I jaunt?


March through June


Western United States


Day hikes, multi-day overnighters, 50-100 mile loops would be rad.


Cherry Picker Delights!

Please comment below or email jansjaunts-wordpress@yahoo.com.



Thanksgiving . . . a day for giving thanks

top-100-badgeRecently I received notification from Feedspot, an RSS reader service, that my blog had been selected as one of the Top 100 Hiking Blogs on the web.

According to their site,  blog selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Being suspicious by nature, my first thought was is this a scam or marketing ploy. So I’m ranked #62, what does that mean and who cares?


top-100-ployIt is indeed a marketing ploy, but to be fair they do offer a one-year free trial.

Feedspot updates their stats weekly, so who knows how long I’ll be on the list but it’s an easy way to check out blogs others seem to like.

With many familiar names on the Top 100 Hiker Blog List, this notification gave me the opportunity to introduce you to some of my favorites and to thank them for the content they provide. You can subscribe directly to their blogs if you aren’t a fan of an RSS service such as Feedspot.

#1 Section Hiker – It doesn’t surprise me to find Philip Werner in the #1 spot. His reviews, recommendations and educational posts are top notch.

#13 The Hiking Life – Cam “Swami” Honan is a man of international travel with more miles on his legs than most anyone I know.

#29 PMags –  Paul “Mags” Magnanti  is a well known name on the Trail Show and now Trail Groove Magazine.

#42 Walking with Wired – Erin “Wired” Saver may be the most well known blogger besides Section Hiker in the world of social media. Wired provides extremely detailed blogs of long trails. Her willingness to share and mentor is unparalleled in this regard.

#45 Lady on a Rock – Christy “Rockin'” Rosander was my first blog addiction. I think she was one of the first to open her knowledge banks of experience by creating a very useful blog. Not only does she inspire through her physically demanding adventures, but leads by example through her creation of tHInK outsidE, an educational module for kids.

#57 Bike Hike Safari – Brad “Shepherd” McCartney is a man of action. In many ways his lifestyle mirrors mine. He worked hard, saved harder and is now living life on the move.

#76 The Mountains are Calling – Mary “Monkey Bars” Emerick shares tidbits of her hikes, just enough to entice others to get out and explore, but the difference between hers and many other blogs like mine, is that she’s a published author and wordwise storyteller.

A couple of other blogs I follow worth mentioning include:

  • Not Waiting To Live – Manny was one of the last to finish the PCT this year. I stumbled upon his story just as he was regrouping in Mazama to, as I like to say, “live to hike another day.” His philosophy is one that resonates with me. “Simply put, I was waiting to live. Young, capable, and free to pursue my own American Dream I decided to walk into a more deliberate life.”
  • Patches Thru – Patches produces quality content. You can expect exceptional photos and well-researched documentation presented in an easy-to-read interesting format. Once again, a kindred spirit, “I am a maverick neuroscientist that has traded a university faculty position for a life on the trail.
  • Rambling Hemlock – Anyone who reads my blog knows that Joan aka Hemlock is one of my favorite adventure buddies. Her blog is filled with great photos, interesting factoids, and funny stories.
  • Dusty House Adventures – I recently discovered Angeline Duran and have been impressed with her posts. They remind me a bit of a National Geographic documentary. Her story, “I’m a mom, writer, hiking guide, documentarian, show host and adventurer.

What are your favorite blogs?

Since I’m giving thanks, I’d also like to give a shout out to Gossamer Gear. They have included my posts in several of their newsletters including two of my most popular posts to date.

Biggest thanks of all go to YOU my READERS!!!!

I create these posts because I love to share and inspire.


Grizzly Country Adventure Buddies

My 2016 adventure wish list includes trips into areas with legitimate recommendations against solo travel.

I’d like to spend some extended time in these areas this summer/fall. With a currently open itinerary, recommendations are welcome.

  • Wind River Wilderness, Wyoming
  • Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Montana/Wyoming
  • Glacier National Park, Montana

Contact me at jansjaunts-wordpress@yahoo.com if you’re interested in being my adventure buddy for a week or two.

The Liebster Award

Jan’s Jaunts and Jabberings!

A few weeks ago I saw the first mention of the Liebster Award on Stick’s blog. With my curiosity piqued, I searched Google to discover a blog entry by Lorraine Reguly describing the rules of this pay-it-forward type award.

I was bestowed this award by my friend Muk Muk who is current blogging as the Serial Nomad.  Last year she had one of the most popular, prolific and emotionally honest blogs while hiking the PCT (Mexico to Canada 2013). I had the privilege of meeting her as she passed through far northern California and happily provided a bit of trail magic while sharing in her journey as an enthusiastic hiker cheerleader.

Over the past few years, as I’ve become more entrenched in the hiking, backpacking, PCT/AT/CDT world, I’ve found it’s very interconnected, with social media providing introductions and opening many doors. This award offers me the opportunity to introduce my readers to some of my favorite bloggers and through their blogs more favorites, more opportunities, and so the chain continues.

By accepting this award,

Rule #1 – answer the 11 questions provided by Muk Muk

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I’d like to say a hiker or backpacker, but I think that’d be lying . . . so instead I’ll say I had mountains and wilderness in my blood. My dad worked for the forest service with lookout radio maintenance as one of his jobs and my mom spent her early years living in a lookout.

2. What’s your most memorable dream?

Dream? I dream of dreaming! REM sleep seems to elude me, so I’ll settle for the pleasant daydreams I have occasionally but nothing to write home about.

3. Do you believe in fate and/or destiny?

I believe things happen for a reason.

4. What makes you really happy?

This one’s easy, look at my blog. Trees, the smell of pine, beautiful clear alpine lakes, gray granite, snow covered peaks, clouds, sunrises and sunsets . . .

5. What’s the kindest thing another human-being has ever done for you?

My friend Norma taught me to be me. I was extremely fortunate to have met Norma in my early 20’s. If not for her, I would have lived a much different life, one I fear would have been filled with much unhappiness.

6. What’s the kindest thing you’ve done in return?

Good question, I think I’ll let my friends answer that one.

7. Where does fear prevent you from travelling to?

Up until this past year, solo backpacking was a fear which prevented me from traveling to areas on my bucket list. After conquering this fear, I’m excited to go forth and conquer!

8. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

I’ll request two. First is TIME and the second is life balance, something that has seriously eluded me.

9. Who would you most wish to sit next to on a 14-hour flight?

Might as well put Muk Muk first on that list.

10. How do you make the world a better place?

I love to teach and share, and I hope that by sharing my passions, a few find the world a happier place.

11. Other than love, complete the sentence: All we need is….?

Money? at least enough to buy our play toys and to travel 🙂

Friends? absolutely! they enrich my world

Time? wandering and wondering would make the world a better place

Rule #2 – Nominate 11 bloggers

Since I’m a bit of a renegade rule breaker, I choose to nominate 5.

1. Lady on a Rock

2. The New Nomads

3. Embracing the Path

4. The Mountains are Calling

5. Rambling Hemlock

Rule #3 – Provide those nominees with 11 questions

1. How old were you when you first camped? hiked? backpacked?

2. What piece of outdoor gear have you had the longest (that you still use)? what is it and why have you not replaced it?

3. Do you have a favorite wilderness area? or favorite trail?

4. When on an outdoor adventure, what is your favorite time of day?

5. What is your favorite season and why?

6. Do you have a favorite outdoor adventure related book, film, or website that you like to recommend?

7. Who was/is your outdoor adventure mentor?

8. What has been your most memorable misadventure?

9. What lesson(s) would you most like to share about trail life?

10. They say we pack our fears in our backpack, what fear do you pack in yours?

11. Name one item near the top of your bucket list.

Rule #4

 Thank You Muk Muk for the Nomination