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Dehydrating 101:

I use a Nesco Dehydrator with the below recipes. I recommend buying extra Fruit Roll-Up Sheets so you have one for each tray (the unit comes with 2 roll-up sheets and 5 trays) and Parchment Paper 15″ Width for lining the regular trays (they absorb any excess oils as well as prevent foods small pieces from falling through and eventually blowing out the bottom).

Odors intensify during the dehydration process and can become quite disgusting (i.e. tomato-based recipes). I like running the dehydrator in my guest bathroom with the fan on. Other options include the garage or outside, but I worry about bugs in those locations.

Until you are certain of recipe times, I don’t recommend dehydrating at night. I learned the hard way! I expected the process to take all night, but awoke to the overwhelming odor of my first pasta sauce experience. Decided to check on it, and found it done at 3am. I had not used the parchment paper and instead used the fruit leather sheets, forcing me to peel it off the sheets in the middle of the night before it became forever glued. After that interruption, good luck going back to sleep. LESSON LEARNED!

Dehydrating Recipes

Cold Meals:

Hot Meals:


Jan’s Tips:

  • Powdered milk – recommend Nestle Nido
    (you can purchase at Amazon, Walmart, etc.)
  • Condiments – you can purchase small portion sizes at and some even on Amazon.
  • Horseradish – Dehydrates well and can be used to season Shepherd Pie or mashed potatoes, etc.

Dehydrated Products:


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6 thoughts on “Food Jabber

  1. Your Marathon Bar recipe sounds great when I’m on a long bicycle ride. I’ll be cooking up a batch this weekend for a ride. I line making my own snacks whenever possible on long rides.

    • Funny, I actually started making these for my long bike rides. The recipe originated from a local bakery who decided to share their recipe when they closed the store.

      And thanks for the comment as it’s a good reminder that I need to spend some time on this section of my blog.

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