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2020 – This page has not been updated for a few years

Here’s a great link for current thoughts on the trail based on a 2017 survey.

My connection with the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) is many layered.  I’ve lived near the PCT for most of my life, have hiked many pieces and finally a full section in 2012.  A few years ago I was introduced to the thru-hiking community, which in turn led to curiosity-based research and ultimately becoming a supporter and trail angel. The purpose of this page is to provide a few resources I’ve found helpful in my quest to learn more about the PCT and it’s thru-hiking community. Enjoy, feel inspired, and as they say HYOH (Hike Your Own Hike)!pct_logo_web

Getting Started:



Trail Conditions & Water Reports:

Reporting PCT-Related Incidents:

PCT Related Facebook Pages:

Journaling Sites:

Favorite PCT Videos:

Favorite PCT Journals:

Favorite PCT Biographical Books:

For International Travelers:

Hiking with Kids:

Hiking with Dogs:

  • Team Fortis (M80, Trooper and the Wonder Dog Willow) (contact: Fortisdog at gmail dot com)

Hiking with Horses:

For Veterans:

Very Important Tips:

  • Trail Etiquette
  • Post-Trail Depression
  • Risks on the Trail
  • Lessons for Success
  • Snow Safety Courses – I can’t say enough good things about what Ned does to help keep hikers and backpackers safe in snow conditions. Through Mountain Education, he offers hands-on training on avalanche safety, hypothermia, snow condition travel, etc. His contribution to the PCT community is truly a gift. I’m looking forward to taking one of his classes next year.
  • Wilderness First Aid – If you, a hiking partner, or someone you meet on trail is in need of first aid, you’ll want to help. Nothing is worse that feeling helpless. The First Responder class is highly recommended, but it is an 80-hour class, time most don’t have available. There are other options available with NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) being the most recommended resource including Wilderness Basic First Aid, Advanced First Aid, and EMT courses. I plan on taking one of these classes also.

For Teachers:

  • Here is a great teaching module on the PCT called tHInK outsidE

For Family/Friends:

Jan’s Trail Magic Stories & Accolades:

Meeting the infamous Billygoat in 2012, CA Section K

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