Step 1 – Define Yourself

Are you an Ultimate Camper or an Ultimate Hiker?

Do you want the luxuries of car camping?

Do you want to cover great distance?

Or are you somewhere in between?


Credit: Andrew Skurka
“The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide”

The answers to these questions will help you decide the importance of a light or ultralight setup, as well as gear selection. For the Ultimate Camper, a slimmed down version of your car camping gear might be perfect. For those somewhere in between the extremes, you may be happy acquiring hand-me-down gear from the Ultimate Hiker.

Carrying a 50-pound pack a few miles on flat terrain is one thing, but how will it feel climbing a mountain or crossing rivers or scrambling off trail?

Slide5I started off in the middle of the spectrum, not sure if I’d love backpacking, not sure if I’d have companions, not sure if I wanted to invest the money. After each trip, I found myself more in love with the sport and moving nearer the Ultimate Hiker category.

Step 2 – Set Weight Limits


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