Step 4 – Select your Gear

Now that you’ve answered the following questions, you can start thinking about gear.

  1. Who are you?

a. Primarily a camper, who hikes to camp?

b. Primarily a hiker, who camps to sleep?

c. Elsewhere on the spectrum?

2.  What is your carry weight?

a. Ultralight packer with a 5-10 pound base weight?

b. Lightweight packer with a 10-20 pound base weight?

c. Overweight packer with a 20+ pound base weight?

3.  What is your budget?

a. Minimal funds?    (Challenges are good, right?)

b. Moderate funds?  (Life is getting a bit easier)

c. Unlimited funds?   (Time to have some fun!)

Gear is a very vague term. I’ll be using it to reference everything you’ll wear and carry into the wilderness.

See topic pages for details


Topic 1 – Pack


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