WA – PCT Section L . . . as in Lame

Dates Hiked:  September 13-14, 2016
Direction: Northbound
Section J: Rainy Pass to Canada
-Miles: 70
-Elevation: Gain 13,844′ (198 feet/mile), Loss 14,787′ (211 feet/mile)

At the Rainy Pass Trailhead we were distracted by trail magic in the form of a HOT breakfast and a gathering of hikers. THANK you Brian!!!

I was thrilled to be hiking under blue skies again and with a few days of similar weather forecast, we were heading for the border.

The reds of autumn were breathtaking.

First on-trail bear scat we’d seen. 

I’d seen so many photos of Cutthroat Pass, I was looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes. 

Notice the trail as it traverses along the hill, just below the crest. 

And then there was Granite Pass. 

The combo of the red bushes with the yellow larch in a few more weeks will be even more stunning, but alas we are a bit early. 

Sadly this was to be the end of the road for me. After hiking down to Granite Pass, I had to make the tough decision to turn around. It was 8 miles back to Rainy Pass and paved Highway 20. Many thanks to Joan for helping me make the right choice, to hiker Bobble who gifted me the ace bandage, and to the many others who provided water, ibuprofen and words of encouragement. 

It was quite another adventure making our way back to my car near Snoqualmie Pass. THANK YOU Steve (and Molly) for giving us a ride down the hill and through the crazy maze at Boeing, to all the bus drivers and fellow passengers who helped us find our way through five bus transfers, and finally to Taryn who retrieved us from the final bus stop and reunited us with my car. Joan wrote a detailed post about how we survived this 12-hour ordeal through the Kindness of Strangers.

Due to my leg pain and extremely slow hiking pace, I took few photos. These photos are courtesy of Joan. 

For more details of our adventure, and more photos of ME, please check out Joan (aka Hemlock) blog posts:



Still smiling despite my misadventure.

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