Me & My CRV

Since 2014 I’ve spent significant time living in my Honda CRV, while traveling between hiking and backpacking destinations. In 2019 I spent 123 nights sleeping in my car, and nearly 200 days away from home. Hopefully these posts will help you shorten your learning curve, or at least help you decide if this lifestyle is worth a try.

It’s a 17 Sq Ft Mini Tiny House

  • Car Conversion
  • Packing Tips

Picking and Packing

  • Strategically picking what to pack
  • Solving the packing puzzle

While the cat’s away . . .

  • Preparation
  • Maintenance
  • Aftermath

Planning and Organization

  • Preparation
  • Organizing
  • Research

Living on a Shoestring Budget

  • Income/Savings
  • Fixed Expenses
  • Flexible Expenses
  • Travel Expenses

Safety, Security and Self-Reliance

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle and Contents Insurance
  • Vehicle Emergencies
  • Travel Conditions
  • Personal Security
  • Personal Practicalities

Where to Overnight

  • Dispersed Camping
  • Campgrounds
  • Parking Lots
  • Friends/Family/Acquaintances
  • Motels/Hotels/Lodges/Hostels

Eats on the Road

Showers, Laundry and Recharging

  • Networking
  • Low Cost Options
  • Reset, Recharge, Regroup
  • Package Delivery

Ah Sh*t Moments

Eek, there’s a Mouse in my House

2022 Updates

2021 Updates

  • How to level your vehicle for sleeping
  • The benefits of having a solar shower
  • The practicalities of window screens and deflectors
  • Sleeping better with a personal fan
  • Traveling and sleeping healthier with an air purifier