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A Decade of Section Hiking Long Trails:

A Decade of Lessons Learned:

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3 thoughts on “Just Some Jabbering

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  2. hi jan
    good hearing from from you again .i started to wonder… 🙂
    quick question.i “blew” out my calf muscle a couple of weeks ago.
    do you have any “secret”remedy’s for fixing it.:-)
    it has been keeping me from hiking and i hate that!! 🙂
    thanks so much
    Manfred (grants pass.or)
    P.S. looking forward to hear/read about your latest adventures 🙂

    • I laughed because I almost started the post with . . . When you haven’t heard from Jan it could be because (a) she’s not jaunting because she’s injured (b) she’s jaunting and is too busy to blog (c) she’s dead. So glad the answer was b and not c especially with all the MIA, SAR and dead adventurers of late.

      Thankfully I haven’t had an issue with my calf muscle, but recently one of my friends had to push the dreaded SOS button while in the Grand Canyon when a tendon snapped in her calf. My first course of action is usually hot epsom salt baths, ibuprofen, elevation, and rest. But yours sounds more serious so it might need medical intervention or at least internet research. I was off for 3 months in the fall with broken ribs. Injuries are such a disruption. Best of luck healing.

      Great hearing from you.

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