CA – Trinity Alps Wilderness, Stoney Ridge Trailhead

Destination: Van Matre Meadows

Van Matre Meadows are about 5.5 miles 3,000′ elevation gain from the trailhead

The trail rounds the bend to Stonewall Pass while temping hikers with a green shoulder leading to Granite Peak.

At Stonewall Pass, looking north into Red Mountain Meadow

At Stonewall Pass, looking south down at Trinity Lake

Lovely Van Matre Meadows, looking west toward Stuart Fork mountains.

Leaving Van Matre Meadows enroute to Echo Lake and Little Stonewall Pass, subalpine ponds or tide pools can be seen in the Deep Creek Drainage.

From Little Stonewall Pass, looking toward Echo Lake and Granite Peak.

Sunset alpine glow at Echo Lake

Siligo Meadows back dropped by Gibson Peak.

From Deer Creek Pass, looking south at Siligo Meadow and far in the distance Stonewall Pass.

From Deer Creek Pass, looking down at Deer Lake, and across at Siligo Peak (gray granite).

From atop Siligo Peak, looking down at Round Lake, and across to Seven Up and Gibson Peaks. Mt Shasta is visible in the far background.

Seven Up Peak and Mt Shasta

From atop Siligo Peak, looking down at Summit Lake, Siligo & Van Matre meadows. The trail from Deer Lake is off to the left (with a few snow patches remaining). The switchback trail down to Diamond Lake is near the middle of photo).

From the shores of Summit Lake

Another view of Deer Lake (with better lighting)

Sunrise alpine glow in Van Matre Meadow at my campsite.

The timing of this trip was perfect to enjoy wildflowers galore.

Jan’s Tips:

  • The access road is in much better condition than it has been for quite a few years. In my opinion, a high-clearance 4×4 is no longer required.
  • The Stoney Ridge Trail was in superior condition. To my recollection, the best trail condition I’ve encounter in the Trinity Alps in many years.
  • On this low snow year, late June was perfect timing for a fantastic wildflower display; however, many streams were already dry. Planning on water sources normally available could be problematic.
  • Reference my Trinity Alps Trails Link Page for maps, books, online resources, etc. (SUMMER 2014:  Fire Restrictions)
  • Additional blog postings about related hikes I’ve taken can be found in my Hikes in the Trinity Alps Wilderness category.



14 thoughts on “CA – Trinity Alps Wilderness, Stoney Ridge Trailhead

  1. Beautiful pictures! Great looking trip! A week ago I went to Lake Ana via Bowerman Meadows, and also up to Bee Tree Gap and Deer Lake. I agree the Alps are in quite the bloom right now! Amazing floral displays! I am really glad to hear about Stoney Ridge, 2 years ago I went to hike the trail and got lost before even finding the trailhead (sign shot up at a major junction and I took the wrong way). Since then have gone to Stonewall via Granite Peak TH, but have really anted to revisit Stoney! Thanks!

    • Thanks! I have Lake Anna on my list. Did you access via Bowerman or Echo? Did you go over the otherside? Did you visit Billy Be Dammed? We inspected the Echo side for the best route, but weren’t with an appropriate group to explore. Look forward to hearing your inside info.

      • Accessed via Bowerman, which is no-trail, straight up the headwall. It was brutal with packs. The ‘easier’ route, though still rough, is from Long Canyon, just below Bee Tree a ways; shorter but still quite the climb. Billy be Damned was on the list, but this was a quick 1 nighter so it didn’t make it after the climb to Anna. Plus Anna was just too beautiful!! The original plan was the 3 lake loop: Anna, Billy, Echo, around and back up Siligo, Bee Tree, but a little ambitious for limited time. I think the route from over Stonewall side via Echo could possibly be easier.

        Sorry the pics aren’t labelled, I label most in FB but Google is usually just a storage, so that June album actually had 2 trips in there. Keep up the great blogging, love reading your stuff and your trips have led to ideas for a few of mine!.

        • Now that you mentioned the Bee Tree Gap option, I recall looking it at last year on our way back from the 4 Lakes Loop. Getting to Bee Tree Gap from the TH would be time consuming. Like you said any of the options will be challenging.

          Was there more than one campsite area at the lake?

          No worries about your Google photos. I appreciate you sharing. Would you like me to delete the link from this page?

          • No need to delete. I think I remember seeing another campsite, might even be more. At least 2, but only one with an awesome view, and great seating! Enjoy!

  2. Would you know what the average temps and snow pack is in the Trinity Alps Wilderness around the middle of June? Around the PCT Section.

    • It really depends on winter storms and snow depth. Some years I haven’t been able to access that area over the July 4th holiday and others where it’s no problem in June.

  3. Thanks for the post! I drive a volkswagen Jetta, and was wondering if thatc ar would be suitable to make it to the trailehead. What kind of car did you drive?

  4. Hello. We leave Saturday 9/3/16 for the Stoney Ridge trailhead. Do you know where I can find directions to the trailhead? Are there signs?

    • Sorry for my delayed response. I’m on trail and just got your message. If you’re going via 299 you could stop in Weaverville at the Ranger Station for directions and permit. You can also find them in the Trinity Alps Wilderness map.

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